If you're using your  IPad Mini or IPad, Surface or Android Tablet for trawling Internet, answering emails or even as a laptop replacement,or to make reservations with yelp, "your not alone"!  Whether carrying and using your IPad©, Android© device, Samsung© tablet  or you have a disability, you need the Smart Harness. Learn more about this innovative and revolutionary tablet accessory. You simply cannot find a product like this anywhere else. For Businesses considering going DigitalTry our Digital Transitional Package!

Imagine This!   You’re now wearing Your Smart Harness and your IPad Mini, perhaps you’re an Attorney in Court, no more shuffling papers. Perhaps you’re a Coach, no more clipboard, you have the Smart Harness with your Android/IPad tablet on the sidelines, or a Doctor/Nurse. With the Smart Harness you can have better interaction with your patients! Perhaps you are a Waiter/Waitress no more pens and pad, now you have the Smart Harness and a Samsung tablet  taking orders quicker and more efficiently. The Smart Harness can be used in Auto Part Stores/Warehouses., you get the idea? You’re on the Space Station floating with your Smart Harness and IPad totally hands free, "Now that’s Freedom". Whether you’re in the Military or Office, even Racecar Drivers, use your "Imagination" toss that pen and paperStudents/Professors go Digital and hands free with the Smart Harness.

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"Made in America, Creating American Jobs"

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